iGaming affiliate company

Silja Holding SIA, as name suggests, is a holding company. What we hold is slightly untypical. We invest in, and further develop online casino comparison websites generating players to iGaming operators. Additionally, Silja holds shares in both private and public companies.

Our main field of experise is online marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing in particular. We do not offer our expertise as a service, however, but instead build or own network of sites.

Our network consists of 43 casino comparison websites in 7 languages. Our main markets are Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Our main goal is to provide end users with accurate and truthful information about gambling. The business makes money by generating high value leads to iGaming companies, but in our view, this is merely a byproduct of creating value to end users. Read more about our network

Additionally, you can find general thoughts about the industry, both from online marketing and investing perspective.

For more information, questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.