Silja Holding SIA holds shares in following companies.


Entez is lead generation agency, specialized in delivering high-value iGaming customers to operators. Main traffic channels are SEO and SEM. Entez operates in following GEOs; FI, PL, NL, RO, CZ, EE, LV, LT. Company currently employs 11 people. Entez is based in Riga, Latvia.


Suomen Piensijoittajain Yhteenliittymä Oy is joint venture by 11 investors. SPY is actively looking for target companies in two categories,

  • "Intermediary" businesses. Business doesn't produce the product they are selling, only adds value to existing products or services. Digital platforms, brokers and comparison services, for example. SPY team has extensive experience in these kinds of companies. 
  • "Traditional" businesses, in fields such as logistics, construction or other services still largely unaffected by digitalization. Our focus is on small and mid-sized businesses, overlooked by investment funds, where competitive edge can be created through process optimization and digitalization.

SPY team consists of 3 board members, each with impressive track record of growing companies. SPY aims to have 1 board seat in each investment target, but is not looking to actively participate in day-to-day operations. If you have an investment case within above criteria, please get in touch.

Public companies

Silja holds shares in 9 public companies, most of which are somehow connected to  iGaming or online marketing. These are the two fields we know best. As of 18th of June, the largest single position is Betsson AB. From our blog you can occasionally find our thoughts and views regarding gambling industry in general and iGaming companies on stock exchange.