Art collection

Among other investments, Silja holds a collection of Finnish and Latvian modern and contemporary art. As is the case with most corporate collections, it was born from founder's personal interest in art.

Collection consists of approx. 200 artworks. Approximately half are oil paintings, the rest watercolours, pastels, litographies and sculptures from various materials, bronze, wood, ceramics and even taxidermy. 

There is no theme per se, but most paintings would be either expressionism, colourism or abstract art - sometimes all three. Sculptures share less similarities, other than every sculpture being from a living artist.

Collection has artworks from 49 different artists.

Latvian art

Contemporary Latvian artists in the collection include Frančeska Kirke, Kristians Brekte, Oskars Mikāns, Paula Zariņa-Zēmane and Viktorija Pelše. 

Finnish art

Finnish contemporary artists include Rafael Wardi, Tommi Toija, Heikki Marila, Raili Tang, Emma Helle and Jenni Vakkilainen.