Our newest Latvian gambling website is, currently (June 2022) in soft launch. As one might guess, azartspēles means gambling in Latvian, and that's what this site is all about.

Site has fun cartoon theme, just like our favourite slot machines. We have put in great effort to make sure we offer something unique in terms of comparisons, as well as highly local approach to content. 


  • Find the most suitable casino for you by answering simple quiz. 
  • Lots of comparisons about features of Latvian casinos, bonuses as well as slot machines.
  • By far the most comprehensive information about game providers available in different online casinos in Latvia.
  • Game rules, history of casino games, inside information about casinos, slots and bonuses.
  • Introduction to land-based casinos in the biggest cities of Latvia.
  • Free-to-play slot machines.
Game provider list
See all available game providers at any given casino.


Review criteria

As usual, we charge most operators commission for the players delivered. In order to make sure this affects our opinion as little as possible, we have built a review criteria that we use to evaluate casinos. Same criteria will be used regardless of commission amount. Please note that reviews by players will automatically count towards stars, and star rating is automatically updated after each player review.

Content policy

All of our content adheres by the following princibles.

  1. We believe gambling is entertainment. We are aware that for some, entertainment can become an obsession. We never aim our content to gambling addicts, or target them in any way. 
  2. We never encourage to spend more money on gambling than one is willing to loose.
  3. We never give an unrealistic view on the chances of winning on any game.


We have the following minimum requirements for online casinos looking to advertise on

  • Casino must be licensed by Latvian IAUI, Maltese MGA, Curaçao e-gaming or Estonian EMTA. We do not list casinos with license in Kahnawake or Gambia, or casinos without license.
  • The operator must be known to be trustworthy and have solid reputation.
  • Casino must have reasonable selection of games, payment providers, and offer reasonably good gaming experience. Every casino can't be the best, but there's no point reviewing total crap.
  • As hinted above, casino can pay for good visibility but financials will not affect their review. 

If you're looking to advertise, please contact us.